How sweet is it that Will & Grace will be returning back to NBC this Fall on Sept 28 because I live for quotes from the “Book of Karen!” But what is sweeter is the news that the burger chain Shake Shack announced it would soon be offering two themed milkshakes named after the comedy’s four main characters.

The Will & Grace

The “Will & Grace” Milkshake is inspired by Grace’s fiery personality and Will’s straightforwardness. It’s made up of cinnamon marshmallow frozen custard blended with Shake fudge and topped with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar.

The Karen & Jack

The “Karen & Jack” is for the boozy.  Inspired by Karen’s LOVE for a good drink and Jack’s over the top persona, Shake Shack kicked it up a notch by including Prosecco in its first booze infused milkshake.  It features strawberry frozen custard with Prosecco and topped with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles *coughs…Jack* 🙂  and raspberry dust.


The shakes will be sold at two New York City locations (Harold’s Square & Upper West Side), one being blocks away from the apartment that Will and Grace are supposed to live in the show and the other two are in the LA (Hollywood & West Hollywood) near where the show shoots. The shakes will be sold for $5.99 from September 18 to October 1 with every $2 from purchase going to the LGBTQ community supporter organization GLAAD.

So are you a “Will & Grace” or a “Karen & Jack”.  I’ll take a whole lot of Karen with just a bit of Jack.  I’ve never really been a fan of sprinkles but that raspberry dust though! 😉

photo credits: Shake Shack, NBC