Wash you hands with care


A lot of the hand soap products we use to clean our hands has a boat load of ingredients that could cause more harm than good.  I’m talking chemicals that could promote allergies or disrupt our hormones. Here are 6 ingredients on the “To Avoid” list when it comes to hand soaps and some cleansers:


  1. PARABENS – preservatives that are found in other cosmetics too. There have been some studies with possible links to breast cancer, but these studies DO need more research for confirmation!
  2. FRAGRANCES- can really cause issues for those that are super sensitive to fragrances or have allergies and can be found in a LOT of other beauty and cosmetic products!
  3. PHTHALATES- some studies have linked these to indocrine disruptors which could lead to breast cancer and reproductive defects! This is a VERY common ingredient in many beauty products and is often NOT disclosed perfectly legally as instead “formula” or “proprietary blend”!
  4. SYNTHETIC COLORS- usually comes from petroleum or coal sources and can be the cause of skin irritants and possible human carcinogens.
  5. TOLUENE- this is one of the worst ones in my opinion….as its a petrochemical-which means it comes from petroleum or coal tar and can be labeled as: benzenel, phenylmethane, and methylbenzene (this compound is used in PAINT THINNER!) This chemical has also been linked to possible immune system toxicity! It can be found in everything from nail polishes to hair color products.
  6. FORMALDEHYDE- It’s almost in everything from nail polish, eye shadow, cleansers, and hair care products.  It has been found by the International Agency for Research on Carcinogens to be a human carcinogen and has also been linked in some studies to some types of cancers. These studies are still in further research for definitive conclusion.

Make the switch to a better choice of hand soaps that wreaks less havoc on our over all health:

If you have any suggestions to add to the list or a recommendation to share, let me know below!