nail care
Using lemon is excellent for whitening your nails


Not that much effort is needed towards your daily nail care routine when all you have to do is head straight to your kitchen.  Here are a few ingriedents  that can help you achieve healthy and beautiful natural nails:

Lemon– Lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent and helps in removing stains and assisting with decolorization . This is one of the best natural tips for beautiful nails.

Olive Oil– This is a natural moisturizer, and will help in the rejuvenating the oil glands.

Vitamin E– Vitamin E helps in improving blood circulation, this in turn increase the blood supply to the nail beds. Applying Vitamin E oil on the nails before sleeping can help with this.

Nail Care Avocado
Impress your manicurist by noshing on avocados regularly.

Avocado– High in Vitamins, fat and proteins helps in treating brittle nails.

Apple Cider Vinegar– When added to water and consumed on a daily basis,this will help in regulating the acidity and allow the body to absorb nutrients.

What do you use from your kitchen that’s apart of your nail care routine? Sound off in the comments below.