abc of nail health
The abc’s of nail health

When talking about nail care it’s always be to start with what’s in our food because the foods we eat are very important to growing strong and healthy nails.  And there are certain vitamins and minerals in our food that is very important when talking about  nail health, so let’s start with some basics:


A is for Almonds for healthy nailsA is for Almonds. Almonds are high in protein, magnesium, and essential fats all of which benefit your nails. Protein not only aids in keratin production but also cellular repair which keeps nails strong and promotes growth. Magnesium and essential mineral keeps nails healthy by regulating vital nutrients in the body (if you see vertical ridges in your nails, it may mean you need more magnesium in your diet). The essential fats found in almonds prevents nails from becoming too brittle.



B is for Bananas for healthy nailsB is for Bananas and Biotin. Biotin which is found in bananas, helps prevent nails from becoming brittle and breaking. This is thought to be because biotin plays a role in keratin development, and keratin is a main component of the nail structure.



C is for Coconut for healthy nailsC is for Coconut Oil. The make up of these fatty acids sets it apart. This is because the lauric acids it contains have antimicrobial properties.




By getting a sufficient intake of these basic vitamins and miner, your nails and skin will greatly improve. Also make sure to drink plenty of water and moisturize your hands regularly for maximum nail growth.