Eu'Genia Shea Butter
Eu’Genia Shea Butter

At this point in our beauty lives we should be well versed in all things great about Shea Butter and it’s benefits to achieving healthy skin. So I should not have to tell you things like Shea Butter strengthens your skin by stimulating the production of collagen, or that it’s practically a UV protecting, deep moisturizing, anti-inflammatory super food for your skin and hair. You know all this.  But what you may not know is one of the most important things to look out for when choosing “how to shea”  is the percentage.  And Eu’Genia Shea Butter created by Naa-Sakle Akuete uses at a minimum of 95% shea content (butters/oils) in all her products, which is by far more than most others out there.

Eu’Genia [you-geh-knee-ah] Shea Butter is named after Naa-Sakle’s mother and she grew her small yet established Brooklyn business using her mother’s Ghanaian all-natural, 100% pure Shea Butter formula.  The brand’s small arsenal of products focuses on 3 basic skin needs: Everyday (some Shea), Pregnancy (more Shea) and Dermatological (most Shea).  I love that it keeps decision making simple because I really don’t enjoy having to choose from 17 (joking not joking) different variations of the same product!  Just offer what I need and keep it simple.  So in my case the Everyday Shea is the ISH in my book, especially  the Essence of Lavender.  It’s great to use after my night time shower because of it’s sleep aid properties.  And for work, the Essence of Grapefruit is what I like to call the “mood stimulating moisturizer” of choice for the model as well as providing a naturally healthy glow for the camera.

EuGenia Shea Butter 1
Everyday Shea, Essence of Lavender, Essence of Grapefruit & Dermatological

Now let’s talk about the packaging.  I’m a sucker for the packaging.  And I think for the first time, I’m more excited to finish a product than actually using the product! I have major plans for these cute little tins once all the Shea Butter is gone from the inside.  When Naa-Sakle sent me a gift set, I immediately had a 90’s nostalgia throwback feeling because I was really into Fossil watches. And yes, Fossil watch tins are a thing, take a  look.  The square or round canisters that the watch came in was as equally important as the watch itself.  I still have a few of those tins around my house that have been re-purposed over the years. I have one that acts as a loose change catcher and another that serves as a small bootleg sewing kit.  But for these cute little gift tins, I think travel!  I mean one could be used for my small jewelry or one can act as a pill canister.  I can even use the larger one for my electronic cords. So as you can see I have really given this some ummm … thought.

Hi, my name is Angel and I am a package enthusiast/superhero.  I like to re-purpose for the greater good.

EuGenia Shea Butter 2
Eu’Genia Gift Set includes 4 small tins of Shea Butter in mix & match fragrances


So how do you Shea?  What do you look for when choosing a Shea Butter?  How do you re-purpose your packages? Let me know below!