Essence September 2016
Essence September 2016
Manicurist:Deb Lippmann@deborahlippmann
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Roughly around mid to late August is when the magazine industry cranks out THE largest issue of the year, the September Issue. This is the issue that represents the start of a new fashion and style season.  It stems from all that back-to-school, new beginnings and transformations, etc etc. And the magazine is unusually swollen with advertisements.  Think of the ads as the highly anticipated commercials of a Superbowl and the cover being the game.  So right about now I’m scratching around, seeing who is on the covers, who has the best Fall ad campaigns and who did the hair and makeup.  But most importantly I’m looking for the Manicurist that did the nails for some of the major US mags.   For the creatives (hair, makeup, nails and styling artist) it’s kind of a big deal to land a September issue cover because it’s recognition and influence of that time.

This leads me to my research which usually takes place in Barnes & Nobles.  I will spend half a day sipping on my Starbucks (B&N in Union Square is all about that sit and sip or you will get bounced) and plowing through all of the September issues I can find in fashion and beauty.  I love to see who the cover stars are and the artists who worked on these covers.  But at this particular time I’m a little behind, so I have to rely on the internet to get my visual fix.  I found a 2016 September Fall Fashion Cover Round-up on because I can always count on them to give me the new new on what’s going on in fashion.  The list gives me a good start and scratches the surface by providing the cover of the magazine, but again I want to know who are the artist that worked on them.  But no problem, I have my way of going about finding out who did what and on what issue.  And my method tends to be a quick google search, a look up or slipping down a Instagram hole and I go about this the same way.

Now here is where my grits get burned (I am from the south).  I can find all kinds of info on who the Photographer was, what make-up artist did what cover and what type of products the hairstylist used, but no one seems to be forthcoming on who did the nails.  I see artists and the publications giving a shout out to everyone on that cover but the manicurist.  I’m not saying all, but MOST failed to acknowledge who did the nails via their social media or other platforms that provide credits the artist on projects.  In MY opinion it is a simple courtesy to acknowledge ALL involved in the process of making an image and especially the September issue being that it’s biggest issue of the year.  If whoever is on that cover had a hand or nail on that said cover, then that artist [coughs] Manicurist needs to be acknowledged as well no matter where acknowledgements/credits are being placed.  Let me even take the business route. The cover of a magazine is a marketing tool for all those involved. Most all of the artist are freelancing/agency represented artist, so working on a September Issue is not only a great achievement but a bit of validation of their level of work.

But I am going to stop right there with my rant because I might very well end up turning this into a thesis on “Can Someone Please Credit the Manicurist”.  I’m choosing to be proactive.  Like they say, sometimes you gotta do it for yourself. So I’m going to give my own shout outs and kudos to the Manicurists.  I want to shine my nail light on the prestige of (while it last) having their work on the cover of a September issue.

So what’s your favorite 2016 September Issue?