I’m really not too too big on doing a lot for my birthday.  Let’s just say the women of my family kick off Libra Season with a bang and it’s pretty busy with 6 birthdays in the first week of October alone.  But for October 1, what I often refer to as “Angel Day”, I like to do (or buy) myself a little (or big) something to make it special.  It can vary anywhere from a new tech toy like my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (last year) or a piece of jewelry (multiple years).  But for 2017 I was a bit strategic with the help of Nike x International Girl Crew Cortex collabo (say that 3 times). Check out the link for the back story of the partnership.

Two reasons I was excited about this one.  1/ I support anything girl in the sneaker world and 2/ It gave me an opportunity to try NIKEiD for the first time.  Yeah I said first time.  In all if of my sneakers years, I never felt the need to personalize my sneakers, I can’t explain it.  I usually choose shoes that have enough flavor (pops collar) to speak for itself, so what else is there to say. LoL

Now I wanted to do something introvert loud.  You know, that introvert who speaks volumes through some other means.  And in my case that’s usually in my sneakers. Plus I turned 41, not really a special number so no need to be that loud.  So customizing my Cortez with my birth date was perfect!

I bought them on release day, received them some time in September and whipped them out on “Angel Day”.  Happy Birthday to me!!!

10.01 Angel Day!