Air Jordan 1 Season Of Her
photo credit: Nike

Nike’s Jordan brand gets help from fashion consultant Aleali May to declare this Spring the “Season of Her”.  The Air Jordan 1 collection features new stylish and luxurious satin fabrics with high-quality suede accents in 10 unique new color ways. The retail price tag is $160 USD each and they will be available in women’s (5-12) and grade school (3.5-10.5).

So those are the specifics but let me give you my hard earned two cents: While I applaud Nike for giving some love and focus on the sneaker girl and attempting to give us modern girls a true classic that just for us, but I turning my thumbs down because I don’t like how they jabbing us with these pastels.  How come every time someone wants to “do it for the ladies” they give us pinks and purples left and right.  Taking a shoe and painting it pastel don’t make it a dope ass women’s shoe.  That’s lazy.  DESIGN a dope ass shoe FOR women. Let the design stand on it own merit, not the color.  And then don’t get me started on the size! So it’s all good that I can get a size 5 (small feet girl problems) in this shoe rainbow but let’s see if these Air 180s is checking for me. #justsaying

What are your thoughts on this pastel coalition?  Check out May’s styling shoot that shows many different ways to style the Air Jordan 1.

photo credits: Nike