Angel Williams, a freelance Manicurist and Educator, prides herself on keeping abreast of the latest nail fashion trends and nail technologies, especially those tailored to upholding the integrity of the natural nails at all times.  She is now inspired to help other nail professionals leap to their next level of success by offering a range of classes from preparing students for the growth and demand of more eco-friendly services to the ins and outs of working behind the scenes in the fashion and beauty industry.

All classes/workshops below are offered d to eco-conscious nail professionals, salons and spas wishing to advance their skill level, treatment services and profitability in natural nails, hand and foot care and it’s compliments.

The Art of Spa Manicuring–  One of the most relaxing and beneficial treatments that a nail professional can offer a client is a manicure and pedicure.  And every nail professional should be well versed in its basic procedures.  But a great nail professional should be skilled in the art and techniques of Spa Manicuring and Pedicuring to offer a pleasant and beneficial experience to their clients and at the same time build a client base that creates a profitable business.

Green Beauty Nail Care Workshop– It’s clear that there is an increased consciousness in clients knowing what to look for in terms of natural and safer ingredients in their nail, hand and foot care services and products.  Learn how to stay in the lines of providing top-notch quality nail care but with more of a focus on non-toxic, skin-friendly and high quality ingredients to support clients eco-friendly lifestyles.

Editorial Manicurist Seminar: From Behind The Table to Behind The Scenes–  Are you a successful Manicurist behind the table and desire to learn a specific range of skills that a editorial set demands?  You workflow and application choices may need adjustments as you transition to the editorial environment.  Learn the in-and-outs of working behind the scenes in the fashion and beauty industry.