My first blog post, but not really

Wow!!!! So I’ve been contemplating on how to introduce the new “Angel Nails” via WordPress even though “Angel Nails” is nothing new.  I’ve actually been at this blogging game since 2011, but was using the Tumblr platform to go about it.  I wasn’t until recently I decided t switch to WordPress and take this blogging game more serious.  But after all the this theme set up stuff, transferring post over from one platform to the other and simply learning how WordPress ticks, I was at a complete loss on what to say and how to explain what I’ve been doing.

Fast forward literally to a couple of hours ago.  I went through my old post to see if I could come up with some words, get some inspiration on what to say.  And one click let to another.  I was AMAZED at how far back the content went.  I’m patting my self on the back like “Angel girl, you ain’t new to this”.  I clicked so far back, I landed on the very first “post” I ever made, January 24, 2011. Check it out:


Tumblr's first blog post in 2011
My first “blog”post ever

“So after many attempts at starting my own blog… well let’s just say it’s come to this. I could never figure out how I wanted to go about it.  Do I just talk about all things nails (thats the Manicurist in me with a heavy saturation on natural nails), do I incorporate my love of naturally derived body products (I’m talking scrubs, rubs, lotions & potions), or do I share the fact that I just went through first step…. Hi my name is Angel & I am a sneaker head!  

Then I made my mind up that theres no real formula I want follow per-say.  I just needed to find the right medium to share my love of these things, hope it isn’t to random you deem me a-bit “all over the place” and hope you get something from it, a laugh, a smile, a thought, some knowledge or some form of inspiration.

Now when I say random…. I mean just that. I love polish, so I like to share whats the latest & greatest going on in the land of lacquer. I can be a bit bourgeois when it comes to my skin care.  I do not, and I repeat, DO NOT put commercial brand products on my skin (but what I put in the vessel is a another story, being honest, don’t judge me).  I love products that are synthetic and paraben free and preferably made by hand.  Over the years I have found/used/supported small companies whose mission is all about natural body care and I’d like to do my part and shed some light on their businesses and show others the benefits.  Then there is my love of sneakers, always made me one of the cool kids…. nothing beats the Nike Air Max 90 & 95’s and the cherry on top with that, I wear a kids size 3.5/4, can you say ½ price!!!!

So this is what will be going on here.  The only personal deets I’m willing to give up right now is that I am a Freelance Manicurist, family lover and a good friend. I’ve opened it up for you to ask me anything… I’m interested in seeing how this will go.”

You can not imagine how right it feels reading these words from almost 5 years ago.  I am so proud that I stayed the course.  I’ve been true in my intentions and pretty much never faltered from what I wanted to project and what I’m about.  I can honestly say that this is the best #throwbackthursday  thing I’ve ever done thus far and probably the best way to re-introduce myself.  My name is Angel and here is where I share random things in regards to nail beauty, nail care, nail trends and anything else tickling my fancy.



If you are interested in knowing what goes down over here, drop me a line 😉