Leikeli47 and MILK, you ain’t right. Every since I’ve watch the new debut video M I L K, it has been a mantra running through my head for like 2 days now! Thanks a lot!  Leikeli (pronounced Leh-kay-lee)47 has teamed up with Milk Makeup to create a music video for “Milk,” the first single off of her debut album “Wash & Set.”  And if you are like me, wondering where you’ve heard her sound from, the song Attitude, also on the album, plays in this season’s Insecure premier, Hella Great.

Leikeli47 x Milk Makeup

Before Milk Makeup, cosmetics weren’t a regular part of the masked rapper’s beauty routine, but she found the easy, on-the-go products perfect for adding a pop of color to her look.  And I would have to agree with her on this one.  I’m not really a big makeup wear-er myself, so I totally get with the “watch this tomboy transform” lyric from the song.  For me I’m loving all the brand’s visuals of the women who are creating their own definition of femininity.  What I’ve always felt from big makeup brands was: here put this on and you will be beautiful.  But with MILK Makeup I hear: I am beautiful and this is who I rock (makeup).  Some of my favorite products so far are the Lip & Cheek (Perk), Gel Brow (Dark Brown) and Lip Salve.  And spread the salve love to your nails, it’s pretty awesome.  I use it faithfully in my editorial kit for moisturizing the cuticles!

The M I L K video is a music video and makeup tutorial in one.  It takes places in what looks like a throw back warehouse party with hella shot outs to the whole Missy era. Liekeli47 is stunting with some luxury cars, walking a runway and hanging out with other amazing artist from the MILK family like DJ Princess Gollum.

Check out some of the behind the scenes from the video:

Leikeli47 x Milk Makeup Leikeli47 x Milk Makeup Leikeli47 x Milk Makeup Leikeli47 x Milk Makeup Leikeli47 x Milk Makeup Leikeli47 x Milk Makeup


Leikeli47’s debut album “Wash & Set” is out now.