How To Nail Tips

So were you hoping, wishing and praying that  your nail polish would be dry by the morning just because you gave it 20 minutes before pulling up blankets to enter into la la land.  Nope.

First let’s be honest, you probably only gave it it like 15 minutes, because if you’re like me, I am down for the count way before that 20 minute nonsense once my head hits the pillow.  Yeah, this girl has NO trouble falling off to sleep.

But don’t worry, all you have to do is take the fabric side of a 3 way buffer and gently smooth out the sheet imprints in the polish and re-top coat.

 How-Tues(day) is a series of nail tips I post (almost every) Tuesday.  They consist of tips and tricks and sometimes product recommendations for those who want to maintain healthy nails with a green beauty focus.

Got a question or have a tip you’d like to share? You know what to do, drop it low (down below in the comments).