photo cred: Wanelo cold feet



Just because it’s closed-toe season, does not give you a pass to neglect the feet.  Actually this is the best time to give them some extra attention.  So here are a few tips on how to help your feet survive the cold winter months:

Tip #1 

Winter = a decrease of humidity in the air, which can lead to increased dry, cracked skin of the legs & feet.  Try using foot cremes & moisturizers with ingredients like shea and mango butters.  Moisturize the feet at least once or twice daily during the colder months.  Don’t use hot water to clean, as hot water is very drying to the skin and feet. Always use warm water, pat it dry, making sure to get in between those toes.

Tip #2

Exfoliate!  Use a good sugar scrub to slough off the build up of dead skin and be sure to massage the scrub in circular motions. To exfoliate the hardened (callused) skin on the heels, bottom part of the feet & sides of the toes, use a foot file first. Make sure to use a gentle filing motion, and to never rub too hard. Exfoliating is both a necessary & luxurious treat for the feet and you will notice a significant, almost immediate improvement after.

Tip #3

Don’t forget to take care of the toes nail themselves.  If you have been using a darker shades of polish throughout the year and you start to develop a yellowish tint to the nails, winter time is a great time to… dare I say it…. take a break from color.  Lightly buff the nail plate and try a sheer color or go bare for a few weeks.

What are some of your winter tips or tricks?