Elle Magazine Chanel Code Coco Watch
photo: Elle Magazine

I love when I have a jewelry editorial job.  Once I finish painting the models nails,  I’m usually off to the stylist table to drape my fingers in all of the gold and diamonds my heart desires or as much as the gun-wielding jewelry handlers will let me.  But is was “hands off” on my Elle Magazine x Chanel Code Coco watch gig.  Insert <Jess With The Mess> BOOO…..

I did everything I could to suppress my inner Elizabeth Taylor and held back from knocking the model over so that the stylist could put the watch on MY arm.  And two things helped me pushed through.  (1) I finally had the chance to work with one of my favorite still life photographers, Toby McFarlan Pond and (2) I knew that this particular job was going to be a goal list scratch off because early on in my freelance manicuring career I added “performing a meticulous red nail paint job on a Chanel advertisement” to my list of goals.

But here is a little info on Chanel’s new innovative time piece: The Code Coco stainless steel watch is available with a 52 diamond-set bezel for 9,100 USD or a plain stainless steel, .05 carat diamond for 5,000 USD. The Mademoiselle clasp and band is influenced by the iconic Chanel 2.55 purse. And the black high precision quartz dial that features a rotating metal bar can either hide or reveal the time.

Photographer/ Toby McFarlan Pond @tobes99 at Serlin Associates

Manicurist/ Angel Williams @angelnailsit at Atelier Management

Fashion Stylist/ Yashua Simmons @yashuasimmons at Elle Magazine