Angel Williams Manicurist

I created this personal work and lifestyle blog to give highlights of my job and it’s role in the beauty and fashion industry as well as share the lifestyle of the person behind the polish bottle.

P[public] S[service] A[announcement]:¬†there is no personal polish swatching here, I got other stuff to do ūüėČ

Despite the glitz and glam of my job (shameless plug of my professional portfolio of editorial, advertising & celebrity work), I am a tech/gadget enthusiast by nature and comfort-loving introvert at heart. ¬†I love discovering the latest innovations to support both work and play. But when I’m not tending to New York City’s nail needs, ¬†I’m likely sourcing and scoring things that range anywhere from natural beauty products to “dope kicks” finds to add to my extensive sneaker collection or just plain hanging (which really means primarily eating) with friends and family. ¬†I know it’s a bit all over the place but aren’t we all.

So follow the musing of me being a Manicurist who blogs about work in the beauty and fashion world by¬†sharing my expertise and experiences, but more importantly a person with many interest who also enjoys being a resource for the “other¬†stuff” in everyday life and letting you know that I think [insert subject]¬†is dope and you should check it out.

[Disclaimer: things will not always be grammatically correct… wait, is that a word?]

Anyhoo.  Get in touch HERE if you are a reader of the blog and want to send a kind word of have a question. Also if you are interested in partnering with, I would love to work with brands in a variety of ways, provided that the products and/or services are related to my blog topics. And there are rules to my blogging game and you can catch them here.