The Editorial Manicurist Seminar is an educational event the ushers the nail professional from behind the nail table to behind the scenes of an editorial shoot as a key artist or as an assistant.

The Editorial Manicurist Seminar:From Behind The Table To Behind The Scenes
The Editorial Manicurist Seminar: From Behind The Table To Behind The Scenes


Are you are a successful manicurist behind the table and desire to learn a specific range of skills that an editorial set demands?  Then your workflow and application choices may need adjustments as you transition to the editorial environment.  Angel Williams works in the worlds biggest fashion market: New York City and now she is here to guide you through the need-to-knows of working behind the scenes of the fashion and beauty industries.

You will learn:

Industry Ethics, Etiquette & Terminology– learn to speak the language on set and communicate fully with other creatives and decision makers

How To Develop Your Editorial Eye– learn what visual skills and special manicuring techniques that are best for editorial shoots

-Be About The Business– learn the specific tools it takes to be a “Nailprenuer” and view your career as a business

-Kit Building Essentials– learn how to assemble a collection of products and tools that ooze efficiency while considering the demands on the job

These topics and more can help any manicurist or student leap to the next level of success when working behind the scenes with publications, designers and celebrities as a key artist or as an assistant.

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And if you want to dig deeper and take a peek if you will into a bit of my nail history and get more tidbits on the seminar, check out my MiladyPro 2-part interview. Milday is “the textbook people” in the Cosmetology, Esthetics and Nail Technology industries.  It’s THE resource we licensed folks go by to usher us into our respected fields.  But the key to staying successful in your career is education, polishing your skills, keeping up with trends, and learning business strategies and the MiladyPro website give us all that!